Unlock the Secret to Doubling Your Real Estate Income with Pro Sales Skills and Technology - No More Expensive Marketing or Cold Calling Required!

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1. Master the Art of Persuasion: close more deals with ease, even in a highly competitive market.

2. Streamline Your Workflow: Leverage latest technology to, generate more leads, close more deals without expensive Marketing and Cold Calling.​

3. Develop a Proven Sales Strategy: stand out from the crowd, while building a loyal client base.

4. Double Your Real Estate Income in record time with the help of expert guidance and customized training that's tailored to your specific needs.

5. Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of commission-based income and hello to a thriving, profitable real estate career that you love.

Learn The Conversion Techniques to Build your 1Cr Real Estate Business that
“NO REAL ESTATE GURU” Wants You to Know

3 Secrets of real estate that you should know about

1. Mastering the Art of Persuasion: One of the biggest secrets to doubling your income as a real estate agent or broker is learning how to effectively persuade clients and close deals. This requires mastering the art of persuasion, which involves understanding client needs, building trust, and knowing how to negotiate effectively.

2. Harnessing the Power of Technology: In today's digital age, technology is an indispensable tool for real estate professionals. By harnessing the power of technology, such as AI, CRM, and social media, agents and brokers can streamline their workflow, generate more leads, and close more deals.

3. Developing a Proven Sales Strategy: Finally, to double your income as a real estate agent or broker, it's essential to develop a proven sales strategy that leverages your unique strengths and caters to your target market. This may involve developing a niche expertise, networking effectively, or utilizing proven sales techniques to build rapport and close deals.

Course Structure

Part 1 – Sales Mastery Mindset

Part 2 – Technology for Sales Success

Part 3 – Digital Marketing for Real Estate Niche

Part 4 – High Ticket Closer

Part 5 – Closing Secrets, Negotiation Secrets, Follow Up Secrets & Objection Handling Secrets,


home Buyer's Guide for Home Buyers

The Pro Realtor Blueprint - Build a 7 Figure Real Estate Business.

1 : The 5 REAL Reasons Why People fail To Start Their Own Business

2 : How to start Real Estate Business without major capital investment

3 : Mandatory Skills Needed to start Real Estate Business and How to learn that Skills

4 : Building Passive Income Sources from your core Business

5 : The Unfair Advantage That YOU Have Being In Indian market “Need of Professional TECH-DRIVEN PRO-REALTOR”

About Me


Hi, I’m Vinod Shelar. I am a tech-driven pro-realtor in Mumbai, and I am passionate about helping people build a seven-figure real estate business. My mission is to make one million professional pro-realtors and to help them build their seven-figure real estate business, so they can have free time and live their life to the fullest.


I have 15+ years of experience in the real estate business, digital marketing, business development, strategy & planning, and technology support development.


When I decided to scale my real estate business to the next level in 2017, I did not have the money required to do so. I couldn’t afford to buy any expensive CRM tools. There was a time when I thought that buying expensive tools is the only solution to building a business and generating sales and revenue.


But after grinding it in the business for more than 5 years and not succeeding much, one day, finally, I cracked the code, and I discovered the “COST-EFFECTIVE SECRETS” for building a seven-figure real estate business with a small team and without expensive marketing campaigns without burning a lot of money on highly expensive CRM tools. and then I realized that there could be so many people, just like me, who are struggling to get things done and scale their business.


So I compressed down all the juice from my learnings and i present it in front of you in the form of a 3-hour live workshop called “BECOME A PRO REALTOR,” where I will cover the systems and processes, I used to book 1Cr profit in a year in the real estate business.

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You know that life is more than just trading time for money. You know that you have potential to do more and build a life of your dreams.

This is only for the people who are in Real Estate Business (Real Estate Agent, Channel Partners, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Developers, Aspiring Pro-Realtors, One who wants to make a Career in Real Estate Business & make 1 Crores in Year And Scale Your Business To Greatness, Person who is 9to5 Jobs and looking to find a way to quit the job and build the parallel income stream or build a business around Real Estate Niche. Do not join if you are looking for a Get Rich Quick scheme. Transformation takes efforts and consistent hard work. 

I attended so many webinars and workshops. Almost all of them were focused on Tactics and Shiny Object Syndrome. I promised myself that when I start doing my webinars I will only provide the real value of strategies and principles that can really change someone’s life and no tactics.  

Hence, this webinar will be the one that you will remember for many years and will even tell your friends to attend. 

Yes, I will share the option to continue to learn from me and join my mentorship program that has changed my mentee’s lives. Which have make them earn 6 figures in months?

I feel it is my duty to give the mentorship option to the people who really need help.

You could be part of the upcoming batch provided you get shortlisted for the Pro-Realtors Mentorship program. 

We know that real estate is a networking business. The more people we know and the more people we partner with, the more money is made. So, I take this workshop as my opportunity to meet people like you.

Course will be conducted ONLINE

Periodical Assignment submission based on research and online MCQ Based test.

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